Christina Hedges

I'm a researcher at NASA Ames Research Center! I worked for the NASA Kepler mission 🛰️🔭 as part of the Guest Observer Office until the mission closed out. My role at Kepler was to support science and help the community of scientists interested in exoplanet discovery! 🪐 I am a core developer for the lightkurve package.

Since then, I have been funding my research through NASA ROSES grants, and I have been funding a small research group. You can see some of the work that myself and my group do here! We focus on how to use modern data analysis techniques to get the most out of NASA Kepler and TESS data.

Some of my research areas include

  • 🪐🌍 exoplanet discovery (check out my new paper here)
  • ⛈️ extracting information about exoplanet atmospheres from HST! (work in prep, check out the repo here!)
  • 💻 developing new data techniques for NASA survey missions 🛰️ (check out tess-backdrop and psf-machine, and my recent paper)
  • 🌈 extracting color information from black and white telescopes (see my new paper here)
  • ☄️ Modeling asteroid light curves!

You might be interested in these repos

  • contaminante: A tool for finding the "optimum" aperture for a transiting planet
  • vetting: A tool for vetting exoplanet candidates with a stand alone centroiding test
  • TESS-SIP: A Systematics Invariant Periodogram for finding long periods in TESS data
  • hufflescuff: A widget for helping visualize a hough transform!
  • psfmachine: A tool for fitting PSFs to Kepler data fast! (check out the profile of post-doc Jorge Martinez Palomera who is working with me on improving these tools)
  • tess-backrop: New under-development tool for correcting the scattered light background in TESS data.


I have some Opinions about how to write open source tools in astronomy, you can read some of these Opinions on my Astronomy Workflow tutorial page.

You can see me give a workshop on git and GitHub for astronomers here.

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